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'A True Public Servant': Retired St. Louis Police Captain Slain by Looters, 'Serving to the End'


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Since the death of George Floyd, the nation has seen property destroyed, innocent lives put in danger, and acts of violence resulting in numerous deaths. Violent protestors have burned down homes, vandalized businesses, and murdered unsuspecting victims. 

Among those killed was a retired St. Louis, Missouri police captain. David Dorn was shot and killed early Tuesday by people who broke into a pawn shop in St. Louis. 

Dorn was found dead on the sidewalk in front of Lee's Pawn Shop and Jewelry. His wife told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that her husband was a friend of the shop's owner and frequently checked on it when alarms went off.

A longtime colleague of Dorn's said he was a gregarious and outspoken leader who mentored young people and insisted on strict ethical conduct among his employees.

The 77-year-old joined the police academy in November 1969 and graduated in May 1970. He was assigned to patrol support when he retired from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department in October 2007. 

Dorn's personality was "bigger than life", said former St Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch. "He was a fun guy, a happy guy."

Fitch tweeted, "A true public servant. Protecting & serving all the way to the end. None of us who knew you are surprised you went out fighting at Lee's Pawn this morning. God speed my friend."

In a tweet, President Trump expressed sadness over the death of Dorn and thanked law enforcement officers for their hard work and dedication. 

"Our highest respect to the family of David Dorn, a Great Police Captain from St. Louis, who was viciously shot and killed by despicable looters last night. We honor our police officers, perhaps more than ever before. Thank you!"

The shooting and theft were apparently posted on Facebook Live - but the video has since been taken down.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson clarified that "criminals" were responsible for Dorn's death, not protestors. "The people that shot him should be accountable. And, no, they're not protesters. They're criminals and they're thugs...and hopefully, they get hunted down," Parson said. 

A GoFundMe which was organized in honor of Dorn had raised $198,500 as of Wednesday afternoon.

No arrests have been made in this senseless crime. Please keep the Dorn family in your thoughts and prayers. 

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