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Thousands Join Kirk Cameron's 'Revive Us' to Call America Back to Jesus


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Movie theaters around the country hosted a time of worship and prayer as part of the live event, "Revive Us 2016." Actor and producer Kirk Cameron was behind the interactive gathering Tuesday, Oct. 18.

Heavy hitters in Christian circles like Francis Chan, Dr. Ben Carson, Jennifer Rothschild, Dr. James McDonald and others took part in calling America's attention back to Christ.

With tension and division in the country at an all-time high days before the presidential election, their message was clear: "America needs Jesus."

"America is in critical condition but it is not something that cannot be salvaged," Carson said. "'But if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, I will restore their land,'" he added, quoting scripture.

"This is a heart issue," Cameron said, emphasizing that only faith will truly transform America.

Another big theme for the night was getting out to vote. Cameron called on America to pray, pray and vote.

"Christians are the biggest voting bloc in the United States," he said, adding that millions still chose to sit home during the last elections.

The speakers all agreed that Christians can change America's future if they just vote. The evening ended with prayer and and worship.

"As a Christian we are taught to be ashamed of our faith, but I feel so empowered," one attendee said after the event.

"We don't have to despair. We believe in God and we just have to get back to Him -- get our families back to Him, get our communities back to Him, our friends, our churches, to all rally around God," another said.

Cameron will host a re-air of the event Oct. 24 for those who missed the live showing. Organizers encourage interested participants to check theater listings for start times in your area.

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