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Texas Homeschooling Group Offers Free Digital Lesson Plans For Parents During COVID-19 Outbreak


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The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC) is supporting parents in their effort to continue their children’s education while schools are closed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The organization announced it is distributing daily home education lesson plans for kindergarten through 5th grade and is currently working on building lesson plans for grades 6-12.

Actress and THSC spokesperson, Sam Sorbo said the organization is continuously working to provide the necessary resources for parents to teach their children from home.

"We mobilized our entire team and have worked around-the-clock to produce excellent daily lesson plans beginning with grades K through 5. Using our website, every parent has immediate access to this free resource, as well as support from our team of education professionals," Sorbo said.

"We are rolling out new resources every week, for children of all ages, so that parents have the vibrant, comprehensive, necessary resources to teach at home. COVID-19 may shut down our schools, but the learning shouldn't have to stop, as we empower parents to take the reins and continue their children's' education at home in the coming months."

CBN News previously reported that Sorbo has been homeschooling her children for years. She is encouraging parents not to fear their own knowledge level and to instead, "learn alongside" kids.

THSC is urging families not to panic over the idea of homeschooling and remember that kids learn naturally when they are playing.


Help. Has. Arrived! ~Link in bio~ The staff here at THSC has been working overtime to set up an easy homeschool program for the millions of people suddenly homeschooling due to COVID-19.These complimentary resources can be found at One of our very own staff members and expert homeschoolers has organized EASY homeschool lessons for grades K-5, and everyone has full access through the end of April! After April, people can sign up for a plan! . Starting MONDAY, Each weekday morning we’ll email you a list of fun, educational activities for the day (a.k.a. lesson plans) and we’ll include a video from our resident homeschool mom, Savannah, to walk you through how to do it. These lessons will cover everything you need to do for a complete school day OR they can be fun supplemental activities to help fill the day if your school district is providing assignments. Remember! You don’t have to be a Ph.D to school at home—just a parent! We’ll show you exactly what to do each day. . . . #covid #covıd19 #coronavirus #howtohomeschool #pandemic #emergencyhomeschool #quarantine #quarantinecreativity #homelife #quarantinelife #thsc #texashomeschool #texashomeschoolcoalition #covid2020 #gowiththeflow #homeschool #homeschoolmama #homeeducator #homeschoolingmom #homeschoolroom #homeschoolcollectiv e#homeschoollifestyle #homeschoolmoms #homeschoolcommunity #homeschoolersofinstagram

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And parents can join the Coronavirus Homeschool Support Facebook group to share their experiences with others. Group members are encouraged to ask questions and share resources for families educating their children at home.

Here's how to start receiving the free digital home education resources:

● Go to

● Sign up for the free daily lesson plans

● Join the coronavirus homeschool support group on Facebook

● Learn what applies most in your state of residence

Kindergarten through 5th-grade lesson plans are available until April 30th, 2020.

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