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Steph Curry Says His Team's Bible Study Helps Them Remember 'Why We're Here'


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Steph Curry, one of the Golden State Warriors' young stars, says that he and some of his teammates have formed a discipleship group that meets regularly. 

Curry says that the group helps the athletes stay focused on their faith.

"Every game day we probably have 10, 11 guys show up for the 30-minute Bible study, prayer service, daily encouragement — that's the biggest thing," he said.

The Golden State Warriors clenched the NBA championship on Monday.

It's the second time the Warriors have won the championship in the last three years.  

"You can get lost in the daily routines and the hype of what we do on the floor and forget why we're here," Curry said.

Curry also acknowledges that he and his fellow players are tempted in similar ways. He says they rely on one each other for accountability.

"You ask anybody in their walk of faith — it's all about finding accountability partners and finding people that can encourage you in your walk. Knowing nobody's perfect," Curry said.

"We all have very similar temptations, struggles through [our]  entire walk of faith. For us on the court we all grind and compete on the floor, so why not grind and compete in our spiritual walk together as well."

Curry says that his faith is more important to him than being a basketball player.

John Gray, an associate pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, said that he and his wife Aventer have helped mentor the players as well.

In an Instagram post, he said "[Aventer]  and I have had the privilege to walk with a number of these men as they grow in Christ. Great basketball players, but I'm proud of them as men, as husbands and fathers."

"That's the legacy that will last."

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