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Photo Credit: Christ Fellowship - Downtown Campus, Miami, FL via Facebook

'REVIVAL IS HERE!' From Beaches to Prisons, Hundreds of Salvations, Baptisms Reported Across US

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There's a whole lot of baptism going on these days. As CBN News has reported, signs of revival have been ongoing around the U.S. since February when a spiritual awakening began at Asbury University.

Initially, the awakening seemed to mainly be happening among college students. But the latest evidence is being seen in the form of hundreds of salvations and baptisms at churches across the country in just the last two weeks alone, not to mention over the past two months.

From scores of souls being baptized at churches, to dozens being baptized at one prison, pastors across the U.S. are declaring that God is on the move.

Pastor Eric Petree of Citygate Church in Cincinnati, Ohio posted online, "Over the past two weeks at Citygate we have seen 650 people give their life to Jesus, 93 baptized, and yesterday hundreds of people filled the altars seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit." 

"REVIVAL IS HERE!" he proclaimed 

Sam Rainer, lead pastor at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Florida, tweeted on Sunday, "Today we baptized 21 people at the beach. God is good! What a blessing!"

At the Crossroads Church Jersey Shore Campus, 17 people professed their faith in Christ through public baptism.

At the University of Houston, several students chose to be baptized in a public fountain after a Bible study.

And Regent University here in Virginia Beach just baptized nine students last week.

A revival event was reported in mid-April in Damascus, Maryland at Difference Makers Church with non-stop worship that lasted for several days, with young people dedicating their lives to Christ.

Jeremy Tucker posted the following photo, saying, "Worship has been going for 41 hours straight! Young people from churches all over Maryland/Virginia/DC are gathering to unite the bride of Christ for non-stop worship! We thought we'd never see it, but the Holy Spirit is finally breaking out in Maryland! Come Lord Jesus!"

And it's definitely not just happening with the younger generation. 

Dr. James Merritt of Cross Pointe Church in Duluth, Georgia posted, "Two Sundays ago on Easter Sunday this 91-year-old man who I've been witnessing to for a year and a half gave his life to Christ. Today I baptized him as he verbally and publicly confessed his faith in Jesus. The #gospel is STILL the power of God to all who believe!"

Many are also declaring their freedom in Christ, even behind prison walls. The God Behind Bars ministry reports, "FIRST BAPTISMS INSIDE OF THIS PRISON IN 7 years. Until this moment. 35 men in a prison in Reno, Nevada were baptized!! What a powerful moment."

A recent conference at Trinity Baptist Church in Lancaster, South Carolina, reports, "Many were saved over the 2 days and even more were encouraged to Keep on For Jesus! the close of the Service, God moved on my heart to ask for prayer for those teens battling suicidal thoughts and over 20 raised their hands saying they needed prayer." 

And the list goes on and on. For weeks, churches have been reporting multiple baptisms, including people spontaneously choosing to join in. 

Christ Fellowship in Miami recently reported 14 baptisms.

For the last few weeks, Faith Assembly Church in Winterville, North Carolina has reported baptism after baptism, week after week.

Hope Missionary Church North Campus in Ossian, Indiana reported 31 baptisms just a few weeks ago. Click here to see video of those public declarations of faith in Jesus.

And two weeks ago, 14 more baptisms were reported at Revival Church in Modesto, California.

LEARN MORE About the Ongoing Revival BELOW:

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