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Pro-Abortion Radicals Offer 'Bounties' on Supreme Court Justice 'Sightings'


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Abortion rights supporters marched outside the White House Saturday, demanding more action from the president. 

The increased pressure comes even though Biden already issued an executive order Friday that tries to safeguard access to the abortion pill, protect women who travel to other states for abortions, and launch so-called public education efforts.

Abortion supporters say that's not enough, and they now want Biden to declare a public health emergency. Biden was asked about it Sunday. "That's something I've asked the folks, the medical people in the administration to look at whether that, whether I have the authority to do that and what impact that would have," Biden said.

The administration admits its powers are limited. Kamala Harris told CBS' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that Congress must step in and enact an abortion law. "Because that branch of government where we actually codify, which means put into law, the rights that again we took for granted but have now clearly been taken from the women of America," Harris said. 

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Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, told CBN News that Biden's executive order will make the Department of Health and Human Services a "marketing agency" for abortion and expand access to the dangerous abortion pill.

Mancini said, "My biggest concern is the promise to expand chemical abortion and how can they do that at the federal level? Well, the FDA has oversight on that since it's a prescription that people can get at the doctor. Studies have shown that women end up in the emergency room more often when they take chemical abortion and have four times as many complications."

Meanwhile, Morton's steakhouse chain ripped protesters who targeted Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh while he dined in its Washington, D.C. restaurant last week, calling it "an act of selfishness and void of decency."

Now a group called ShutDownDC says it's willing to pay a bounty to its social media followers for a "confirmed sighting" of conservative Supreme Court justices.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the protests. 

"People should be allowed to do that," Jean Pierre said, which caused a reporter to ask, "In a restaurant?" Jean-Pierre replied, "This is what democracy is. Of course people have a right to privacy, but people also have a right protest peacefully. It's the intimidation and violence that we condemn."

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network criticized the White House for not pushing back against the direct targeting of Supreme Court Justices.
"Sending mobs of protestors to justices' homes or restaurants where they are eating *is* intimidation. Period," she wrote on Twitter. "The Biden White House has been tap dancing around this for two months now, afraid to enrage liberal dark money groups whose bread and butter is bullying tactics."

Governor Glenn Youngkin of Virginia says the Supreme Court Justices who live in his state are protected.

"I wish we could do more and this is why I called on Attorney General Garland to enforce federal law which is so clear. You can't parade and picket in front of a judge's home and try to influence them," Youngkin told CBS' "Face the Nation."

Meanwhile, Louisiana can now enforce its ban on almost all abortions under a judge’s order issued Friday. And Mississippi's last abortion clinic has officially closed. 

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