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'Police Barricaded Park, but That Didn't Stop 3,000 Ohioans': Cleveland, Chicago Try to Block Events but Can't Stop God


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Despite efforts by authorities to prevent revival events, thousands of Christians and seekers flooded the streets of south Chicago and Cleveland, Ohio to seek God and praise His name this week.

Worship leader Sean Feucht and evangelist Dr. Charles Karuku arrived in Chicago on September 16 at the latest stop of this summer's "Let Us Worship" tour that has seen tens of thousands of people celebrating Jesus in outdoor worship events around the country.

In a video posted on Twitter, the Christian leaders explained that police officers blocked the group from gathering, so the event was set up in the roadway. 

Christ-followers united in a large gathering where many people were baptized and others received the gift of salvation.

"How about a JESUS MARCH to end the night with a THOUSAND worshippers taking the streets of South Chicago!?!? THIS. NIGHT. WAS. ALL. TIME. FOREVER. AND. EVER."

Feucht then traveled to Ohio on Thursday where thousands more assembled near Edgewater Park to pray and worship together.

Police officers blocked off the park and wrote Feucht a citation for not having a permit, but that didn't discourage him or the others from gathering.

"CLEVELAND MESSED ME UP TONIGHT! Police barricaded the park (and gave us a citation) but that didn't stop 3,000 Ohioans trekking 1-2 miles up a hill to worship! So so so many gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized in Lake Erie!!" 

The outreach team then traveled to Tampa, Florida on Friday where people struggling with depression and suicidal feelings were healed and renewed.

"Those battling suicide/depression ran down to the front embracing my brother as we drove a stake in the ground to break that demonic thing over Tampa!" Feucht wrote. "Thousands of us were. Then the miracles broke out! Then salvations! Then baptisms! MAN, FLORIDA IS ON FIRE!!!!!"

A woman suffering from fibromyalgia felt God's healing power and peace come across her body during the event.

In a recent commentary written by Feucht, he draws attention to the powerful presence of God that has been evident throughout the ongoing state-by-state revival.

"Something is happening in America, and it should sound the alarm for every confessing Christian," he wrote.

Feucht points out that Christians are being persecuted while violent protesters are destroying multiple cities across America.

"While followers of Jesus are being told we cannot worship in public spaces, violent paid rioters are taking over our streets and being given license to occupy and destroy entire sections of our cities."

He concluded the article by pointing out that these worship events are bringing hope and healing to countless Americans. 

"The church I believe in ministers to the sick and hurting; it doesn't hide in the darkness," Feucht added. "Jesus touched contagious lepers, and our fellow Americans need His healing touch right now. They need the bold, warm embrace of God's love."

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Andrea Morris is a Features Producer for The 700 Club. She came to CBN in 2019 where she worked as a web producer in the news department for three years. Her passion was always to tell human interest stories that would touch the hearts of readers while connecting them with God. She transitioned into her new role with The 700 Club in August 2022.