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Pastor Forced to Move After Being Targeted by LGBT Activists


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A pastor who openly criticizes the LGBT movement is being forced to move after receiving an onslaught of violent threats from gay rights activists. 

Pastor Rich Penkoski of West Virginia leads the ministry "Warriors for Christ" and announced earlier this year that he will block anyone who uses the rainbow flag emoji on his organization's Facebook page.

That sparked an onslaught of harassing telephone calls, texts, and messages by people who oppose his stand. 

The threats got so bad, police advised Penkoski to move his family because of safety concerns. 

Last Tuesday, Penkoski received a disturbing message from a Facebook user.

"I know somebody waiting right now to out a bullet through your skull," the message, which was shared with The Christian Post, reads.

Penkoski also received messages encouraging him to kill himself. 

The activists even sent excrement to the pastor's house. 

"They sent fecal matter to our house, gay porn to our house. Last night, for instance, someone threatened in a Facebook message to rape me. They said if I disrespect their pride flag they would come pound my behind," he explained. "These people are absolutely horrid. ... These are the types of things a decent human being wouldn't do, regardless of whether they are Christian or not. It was all meant to bully us and try to silence us."

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