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Paganism and Witchcraft: The Dark Reality of Halloween


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Millions of people will be celebrating Halloween on Saturday, October 31, including many Christians. In fact, Halloween is the second-largest commercial holiday in America, typically grossing $8 billion in sales. 

Some parents will dress up their children in costumes ranging from princesses to goblins and go trick-or-treating. However, many do not realize there's a darker reality to this celebration and it is steeped in paganism and witchcraft. 

Halloween, or All Hallow's Eve, originated in the ancient Celtic festival Samhain, which means "end of summer."

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the souls of the dead were supposed to revisit their homes and many people believed that ghosts, witches, goblins, black cats, fairies, and demons roamed the earth.

So, in order to protect their families and livestock during the coming dark winter months, the Celts invoked the help of their gods with animal sacrifices.

However, the holiday took a different turn when Christians arrived on the scene and began celebrating All Soul's Day. That was a time for Christians to commemorate and pray for the souls of believers who had died. In the Western Christian practice, the celebration began at a prayer service on the evening of October 31 and ended November 2. 

During that time, the poor would visit the houses of wealthier families to receive little pastries called "soul cakes" in exchange for a promise to pray for the family's dead relatives. 

Eventually, the festivities evolved into people dressing up and singing songs in exchange for treats. 

CBN News' Charlene Aaron interviewed former Satanist John Ramirez, who warned that Christians should have nothing to do with practicing pagan customs.

"Halloween is the most diabolical demonic holiday," he said. 

He explains Christians should not be deceived when celebrating Halloween alternatives. 

"Why would you pick a day...October 31st and then you're going to call it 'harvest'? You going to dress people up. You going to bring candy. What is the difference between that and Halloween?," he asked. 

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