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Olympic Gold: Simone Manuel Gives 'All Glory to God'


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Texas-native Simone Manuel, 19, took her place in Olympic history at the Rio 2016 Olympics, becoming the first African-American woman to win gold in swimming after tying with 16-year-old Canadian for the top spot in the 100 freestyle.

She also took home two gold and two silver medals. 



Gold Women's 100m freestyle
Gold Women's 4x100m medley relay
Silver Women's 50m freestyle
Silver Women's 4x100m freestyle relay



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"All Glory to God. I'm so blessed," she said in an emotional interview after her historic win.

Manuel has consistently given credit to God for her sucess. After qualifying for the Olympics, Manuel wrote about her faith in a Twitter post.

"All glory to God. Isn't he awesome! I am extremely blessed. A long, tough year, but many more good things to come," she said.

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