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Next Level Abortion Hub: CA Launches $1M Website to Promote Abortion for Out-of-State Teens, Illegal Immigrants, Everyone


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The state of California launched a publicly funded website Tuesday to promote the state's abortion services. 

The state budgeted $200 million of taxpayer money to strengthen access to abortion in California, including $1 million to build a website promoting the state's abortion services. 

That website went live Tuesday, following an announcement from Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

"Abortion is legal, safe, and accessible here in California — whether or not you live here, know that we have your back," Newsom said in a news release.

The website includes information on different types of abortion and how to get one. The site has sections devoted to people who live outside of California and immigrants who are living in the country without legal permission, saying federal policies keep immigration officials away from health care facilities.

It lists clinics, links to financial help for travel and lodging, and also lets teenagers in other states know they don't need their parent's permission to get an abortion in the state. There's also a map showing the location of 166 abortion clinics statewide, including Planned Parenthood offices. 

The website is part of Newsom's earlier pledge to make California a national hub for women seeking abortions now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade — the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide for nearly 50 years. 

As a result of the high court's decision, state legislatures can decide whether to ban abortion or place restrictions on it. 

Pro-life advocates and other critics have lamented the use of public funds to boost such services, arguing California has a myriad of other problems more deserving of public funding, including the state's electrical grid and the continuing threat of wildfires. 

As CBN News reported last week, California issued an emergency warning as a recent heat wave threatens the Golden State's power grid. A brutal heat wave was smothering the state for weeks, pushing it to the brink of blackouts.

The heat has also been fueling deadly wildfires. Firefighters are making progress against the week-old Mosquito Fire located about 110 miles northeast of San Francisco. 

The fire was 20% contained after destroying at least 70 homes and other buildings. The 100-square-mile (258-square-kilometer) blaze on Wednesday surpassed the size of the previous largest conflagration in 2022 - the McKinney Fire - although this season has seen a fraction of last year's wildfire activity so far.

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