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Miracles and Salvations Come to Texas: 'The POWER OF GOD Is Breaking Out!'


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Thousands witnessed God perform miracles this weekend in Texas during Sean Feucht's "Let Us Worship" revival event. 

Feucht and his team, including Dr. Charles Karuku with International Outreach Church, set their stage up in a dirt field in Lubbock on Saturday where people were set free from sin and healed from disabilities.

"5 people set free from same-sex attraction (most of them came to me backstage) They came to Lubbock Texas crying out for revival," Dr. Karuku wrote on Facebook. "Altars were full of people giving their lives to Jesus. We prayed for the sick. A 61yr old woman born deaf who had $8000.00 worth of hearing aids was healed by God. A 27 yr old born deaf with multiple surgeries that did not fix it got his hearing back." 

Hundreds of hungry souls seeking salvation ran to the stage during one altar call. 

"The PRESENCE OF GOD is filling this dirt field and the POWER OF GOD is breaking out!!! It is UNDENIABLE to everyone here!!!"

The revival moved to Fort Worth on Sunday where thousands of worshippers came out to Mercury Culture Church. Feucht urged those attending to pray for the Holy Spirit to send strength and courage to the churches of America.

"Let us ask the Lord right now for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to enable us to be filled with boldness... let it rise up in Jesus name," Feucht declared.

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The second part of Sunday's worship event took place in a Toys R Us parking lot in Fort Worth where countless others came out to hear more about God's truth. 

Feucht read from while explaining to the audience why "the armies of the earth are coming against the armies of the Living God. 

"The issue we have right now in culture... it's not that they're coming against gender, it's that they're coming against the image of God," Feucht said. "He made men and women different. They're trying to bring division between white and black. They're trying to shut the church down and shut us up."

The praise leader added that he believes change is coming to the church and America. 

"The political spirit in America is meant to get you fired up and angry but the King will have His way. I believe there is a new way of leadership coming to the church and the political realm. It's one that's full of optimism, hope, and joy where we look at the problems in our nation, the problems in our cities from a place of hope because we know who's on the throne and who's in control."

Feucht is pushing ahead during this difficult season, saying the church must continue to rise up and become the solution in an effort to bring restoration to the dispirited and heavyhearted. 

The Let Us Worship revival is headed to the Carolinas next weekend. To find out more, click here.

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