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Looking for a Church? YouVersion Launches New Features to Help Churches Connect with People


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YouVersion, a top-rated mobile Bible app, is rolling out new features to help churches grow and encourage discipleship. 

The app, also called "Bible", has been downloaded to more than 500 million devices. 

Now, the digital platform is launching two tools–Church Profile and Insights–that will help church leaders gauge and encourage spiritual engagement in their congregations. 
"In this hybrid church environment, it can be challenging for pastors to know what their congregations need and whether their attenders are spiritually engaged when they aren't physically present," said Bobby Gruenewald, YouVersion's founder and CEO.

"We're excited to offer pastors the first-ever bird's-eye view into what digital spiritual engagement looks like for their congregation as they lead their church in both digital and physical spaces," he added. 

Gruenewald began YouVersion in 2008 with the hopes of challenging people to seek God throughout the day.

"Unlike other companies when we started, we were not building a Bible reader for seminary students. YouVersion was designed to be used by everyone, every day," Gruenewald told

"I was just trying to figure out how to use technology to help people read the Bible more consistently. And just had enough faith to start, to try something, and of course, what we've seen God do is incredible. Our faith has grown, but in the very beginning had no idea what it was going to become," he told CBN News recently. 

Currently, the app features 2,759 Bible versions in 1,831 languages, audio Bibles, offline capabilities, as well as over 800 Bible plans and devotionals.

Last year, the platform launched YouVersion for Churches to help churches build community through digital and in-person experiences. 

Their latest endeavor includes offering data-driven insights to churches. 

With Insights, church leaders will gain access to search trends, most highlighted verses, top books of the Bible, and other data that point to people's felt needs. They will be able to explore global trends and see how people in their area are engaging with Scripture. 

Additionally, pastors will be able to see aggregated, anonymous data for people who choose to connect with their church in the app. This information can be used to help leaders develop future sermons or the direction of their ministry.

Church Profile, allows church leaders to create their own space inside YouVersion as a way to connect with people and encourage them to engage in Scripture throughout the week. 

The feature makes a church discoverable to its attendees and anyone in the YouVersion Community who is looking for a church. 

"We're building tools to help churches connect and minister to their attenders like never before," said Gruenewald. 

"Imagine how much more effectively we could pastor our attenders if we knew the content they were collectively searching for and what they were struggling with on any given week," he continued. "We're excited to see how these tools unlock ministry opportunities for churches around the world."

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