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'Let Us Worship': Thousands Lift up Jesus in Worship Rally on National Mall in DC


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Worship leader Sean Feucht was at the National Mall in Washington, DC this Sunday for his "Let Us Worship" tour, which drew tens of thousands, in an effort to lift up our nation during this turbulent time in history. 

Feucht has traveled across the country this year, bringing hope and healing to millions of believers and others who now have a newfound faith in Jesus Christ. People of all ages and from different walks of life have gathered at these worship events to receive salvation, be baptized, and entrust their lives to the Lord.

During an interview with CBN News this week, Feucht explained why he chose Oct. 25 for the DC worship event, which precedes the final confirmation vote for Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court nomination.

"Us being the last worship and prayer gathering on the Mall is such a historic moment for us to see a shift in a pro-life justice being confirmed and the reversal of the death decree of Roe vs Wade," he said.

Feucht pointed out that it's so important to pray for all of America's leaders who are faced with difficult decisions that ultimately impact everyone.

"The decisions they are making are affecting the future generation. It's important for Christians to engage and really it gives us the heart of the Lord when we go to the place of prayer...we really get God's heart whether or not we like the candidate," he added.

The worship leader said he has been "blown away" by the number of people who are attending the Let Us Worship events and he's eager to see tomorrow's turnout. 

"It feels like it's a holy stirring from the Holy Spirit, so we're just super surprised and always grateful and can't wait to see what happens on Sunday in DC."

Additionally, Feucht says there is a present "resistance" towards Christians in America who simply want to worship our Heavenly Father together, whether in church buildings or in public. He emphasized that the church must continue to gather and pray for our nation. 

"I haven't seen this level of persecution or intimidation toward the church," he said. "I think it is really revealing to us of the state of America and we have to rise up and be courageous - standing not only on our First Amendment right and the Constitution but also standing on our biblical mandate in : to not forsake meeting and gathering together.

"Tens of thousands of us are going to gather on the mall with one purpose... to lift up the name of Jesus over the nation and to declare the government is upon His shoulders," Feucht concluded.

Feucht and his team gathered throughout the day at different locations leading up to the main worship event at the National Mall at 4 p.m. 

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Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris is a Features Producer for The 700 Club. She came to CBN in 2019 where she worked as a web producer in the news department for three years. Her passion was always to tell human interest stories that would touch the hearts of readers while connecting them with God. She transitioned into her new role with The 700 Club in August 2022.