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Kirk Cameron Releases Trailer for 'The Homeschool Awakening' Set for June Premiere in Theaters

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Actor/producer Kirk Cameron shared details about his upcoming documentary, due out next month, that aims to inform parents about the "inaccurate" and "immoral things" public schools are teaching children.

In a video posted to Instagram, Cameron said he's worked on The Homeschool Awakening for over two years because he cares about the future of our children and the country.

"Since the pandemic, we've been made grossly aware of the inaccurate and the immoral things that the public school system has been teaching our children and our grandchildren," he explained. "It's up to us as parents to cultivate the hearts and minds and souls of our children toward what is good, what is right, beautiful and true. The public school system, unfortunately, has not been working with us but actively working against us. In my opinion, the public school system has become public enemy number one."

He noted that the film will advise parents on the educational options they have for their children. 

"We need to take back the education of our children because whoever controls the textbooks, controls the future," Cameron explained. "Whoever is shaping the hearts and minds and souls of our children will determine whether or not we live in a free country. We have freedom of speech, economic freedom, educational and political freedom ... and religious freedom."

The video features groups of parents sharing how they used to perceive homeschooling and how that perception has changed.

Several said they thought homeschooling was for "different people," "quiet" and "reclusive ones."

Another parent shared, "I always viewed homeschooling as somewhat of a cult." 

Other parents also explained the benefits of homeschooling.

One mother said, "I think as a kid, you just want to feel like you're worth it and homeschool says you're worth it."

Another person described the homeschooling experience as one where parents are in "control" and get to choose "the curriculum" for their children.

The Homeschool Awakening debuts in movie theaters on June 13 & 14 only. Tickets can be purchased online here and at participating theater box offices. For a complete list of theaters, click here

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