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The King Family Honors God in New Documentary Before the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Death


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April 4th marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s tragic assassination, but his message of love still lives on.

To commemorate King's death, his family is giving the world a fresh look at the man who stood by the Civil Rights legend until the end – his little brother, Alfred Daniel King. 

The documentary, Unsolved History: Life of a King, debuts on television March 25, and reveals the life and mysterious death of Alfred Daniel King.

Watch the documentary trailer here:

Alfred, also known as "A.D.," helped his brother fight racism in America and was in the very next room when M.L.K. was assassinated. A.D. continued to fight for civil rights until he was found dead in his bathtub.

Alveda King, A.D. King's daughter, told CBN News the film demonstrates the power of God's love and forgiveness in the midst of hatred and tragedy. 

"The King family legacy is faith, hope, and love," she said.

The one-hour documentary presents exclusive interviews with members of King's family. They discuss how they relied on God to fight injustice - a message Alveda believes is critical for today.

"Today there is so much fighting and dissension in the world. The age-old battle of skin color racism is still happening today," King said.

She believes the only cure is the same thing that sustained her family during the Civil Rights Movement – God’s love.

"The Agape love of God embraces everyone from conception, to the womb, to the tomb...We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools," she said, echoing the words of her late uncle.

She says now is the time for people to "embrace the One Blood/One Human Race of ."

"We're not separate races; we're not color blind. Let's move forward in loving and living color; not only in memory of Rev. Dr. King; but, more so in prayerful tribute to the God that MLK served," she added in a statement.

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