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'Jurassic' Star Chris Pratt Offers Faith-Filled Tribute to Troops


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Actor Chris Pratt marked Memorial Day with a faith-filled tribute to American troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

The "Jurassic World" star tweeted a link to a speech by Ronald Reagan, and he included a Bible reference along with it.

The reference was , which states, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

President Reagan recited that verse during the Memorial Day speech that Pratt posted.

"Because God is love, we know he was there with them when they died, and that He is with them still. We know they live again, not just in our hearts, but in His arms," Reagan said. "They have stepped through that door that God has promised all of us. They do live, now in a world where there is no sorrow, no pain. And they await us, and we shall all be together again."

The overtly Christian post was nothing new for Pratt who has been very vocal about his faith.

This Easter, the actor erected a huge 20-foot cross and documented the process on his Instagram feed.

The final shot showed Pratt and his two helpers standing in front of the cross, with the message, "Happy Easter."

Pratt previously said that he and his wife prayed for weeks when his son was born prematurely in 2012. He told People magazine that experience restored and redefined his faith in God.


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