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'Jesus Is Still Seated on the Throne': Anne Graham Lotz Tells Christians to Look to God in Times of Crisis


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Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, recently encouraged Christians to know that God is in control even in times of crisis and warned that believers must get a "fresh vision" of Jesus despite political, cultural, and financial turmoil in America. 

The founder of Angel Ministries spoke at the Family Research Council's Pray Vote Stand Summit held at First Baptist Atlanta, Friday. 

The summit's theme focused on a culture of life in a post-Roe America, but also addressed issues such as protecting the unborn, the importance of the nuclear family, and religious freedom.

Graham Lotz's message acknowledged those problems, but she told the crowd to focus on Jesus. 

"No problem that we face as a nation, or you face, is greater than His," she said. "He is greater than all."

The highly-acclaimed Christian author pointed to Isaiah 5 and shared that America, much like the nation of Judah, missed an opportunity to acknowledge God during a season of great blessings as a nation. 

"You watch the news. Catch it online. See the headlines and it is stunning what's taken place in our nation," she explained. "A nation, in a way like Judah, was a covenant nation dedicated to God...but rejected God and turned away from Him."

"We've had more than 52 years of peace and prosperity, but instead of using that time to draw near to Him and live out a national life of gratitude for His blessing, we have turned away from Him," she added. 

"Our nation is in crisis," Graham Lotz noted. "We're all under attack."

She admonished believers to look to God in times of crises, even when they hit close to home. 


"Are you personally doubting that Jesus is on the throne when your child comes home from school and says he's transitioned into a different gender, or you come back from the doctor and you're threatened with a life-threatening disease and you say 'Jesus are you on the throne?'" she asked. 

"When crisis strikes, whether it is in your life personally or whether it's in this state, this nation, or in our world, the most appropriate response we can have is to look up and say 'God what is it that you are up to?'" the minister added. 

The 74-year-old told believers to be like Isaiah in Isaiah 6 – those who recognize that God is in charge. 

"Jesus is still seated on the throne," she declared to the crowd. "And God says He is not getting off [that throne]."

She also pointed to the power of prayer, called for revival, and recognized that God's authority reigns supreme. 

"Whoever, whatever is the highest position this nation or this planet has to offer, Jesus holds a higher position than whatever that is," she added. "No one is greater than Jesus.

"When we pray, we need to remember we are appealing to the highest authority there is in the universe," Graham Lotz noted. "His presence brings peace, even in the midst of the chaos."

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