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Islamic Activists Block Speaker from Giving a Warning About Islam to US Army War College


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There's a new case of free speech being stifled in the "land of the free".

Raymond Ibrahim is a popular author and expert on Islam and the Middle East. He's also the latest victim of politically correct speech police.

This time it happened at the US Army War College.

Ibrahim is the author of the book Sword and Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War Between Islam and the West

The War College postponed his lecture after the Egyptian-American was labeled an Islamaphobe whose rhetoric would allegedly "foster white nationalism and war crimes against Muslims in the military."

On the latest episode of the CBN News program the Global Lane, Ibrahim discusses how the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Mpower Change convinced the taxpayer-funded institution to cancel his scheduled speech.

"CAIR sent out a hysterical screed in the guise of a press release, and also you know Linda Sarsour, her group Mpower Change, she created this petition even more hysterical," he explains.

"And so the long and short of these – the press release and the petition – is that I, a man of 100% Egyptian ancestry and heritage, am a racist and a white nationalist, that the US Army already has a big problem with racism and white nationalism and if they give me, if they go ahead with the talk, I am going to radicalize the American military to the point they are going to go out into the street and start killing Muslims," Ibrahim quipped.

Watch the full Raymond Ibrahim interview on the Global Lane. It's on the CBN News Channel Thursday nights at 9:30 Eastern.


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