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Internet Sensations 'Diamond and Silk' on Politics, Love of Country, and Why They Urge Democrats to 'Ditch and Switch'


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They are beloved on the right and ridiculed on the left. Now, in their new book called Uprising, sisters Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are speaking out and telling their truth in a passionate style that has made them famous.  
You know them better as Diamond and Silk. They burst onto the scene five years ago with their entertaining and very political points of view. Since then they've turned into Internet sensations. Their blunt tell-it-like-it-is approach has won them a huge following. "We're not politically correct, we're politically direct." Diamond tells CBN News. "You can say we're two black chicks who are down with politics that love this country, love America." 
If you follow them, you also know they feel pretty good about Donald Trump, too. Their journey to supporting Trump and attaining fame is chronicled in their new book which is a look at how two regular working-class people made it big in America. As two preacher's kids, their thankfulness starts at the top. 

"We had no plans for any of this. None of it," Diamond says. "It just all snowballed into what you see today. God is the author of our lives."  Silk chimes in with a life motto they live by. "We often say that God would not have brought us to it if he wasn't going to see us through it. That's why we say it's a divine order. We were created for such a time as this." 

It's been a long, wild ride for sure. Growing up with strict parents, they went through a rebellious stage and both got pregnant out of wedlock. Growing up black, politics was standard Democrat fare. Then over the years, the sisters began questioning the party's policies. And during the Obama years, they made a change.  

"As black people, we were conditioned to vote one way," Diamond explained.  "And that was for the Democrat Party, whoever was the head of the ticket, but we found that just because you're black, it didn't mean you have to vote Democrat. That's what we did. We got off of what we call that, 'Democrat Plantation.'" Then along came Donald Trump and they jumped on the bus. "The president is cleaning house up there and he's draining the swamp," says Diamond. 

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"Even the rats that are clogging the pipes have to go. The left do not like that. So what would they do? They will do everything in their power to try to destroy him and try to destroy him in the eyes of the American people, but it's not going to work." Silk, with her trademark expression pipes in with, "That's right!"  
The left has been trying to take down Diamond and Silk, too. As two outspoken conservative black women, they've been subjected to negative media treatment. This book pushes back against the media narrative about them. "The media is so nasty, especially the left-wing media," Diamond says. "They are so nasty when you don't go along with their narrative. You have to understand what they've done to black America is they depicted black America as to how they want them to be: as left-leaning liberals." 

They also faced censorship, such as bans on Facebook for posting supposedly "unsafe" content." Facebook later "apologized" but to this day still puts fact-check warnings on Diamond and Silk content. They've had problems with Twitter and YouTube as well. During a congressional hearing on the matter, Democrats tried to question their complaints. The sisters weren't having any of it saying, "You're not going to brush us off and dismiss us that we don't have merit here. These people censored us for no reason. They put limitations on our page for no reason, and that was wrong."  
Anyone, especially Democrats and liberals who are trying to put limits on the free speech of this dynamic duo, will be in for a rude awakening. "They wanted us to be a particular way in the eyes of everybody else because two black women, two black, strong conservative women, went against the narrative of the left," Silk said.
The famous sisters from North Carolina spend part of their time working on a campaign called, "Ditch and Switch," encouraging Americans to follow their lead and leave the Democrat Party. As you can imagine, Trump has invited them to spread the word at his rallies and they even got an exclusive private tour of the White House residence by the president and First Lady. Not bad for two sisters who could never have dreamed or imagined all this, fighting through the hurdles of childhood, stereotyping, and attacks on their character. 

At times, you would think they feel like they have a target on their back but they don't see it that way. "I don't feel like it's a target on my back, they got the chip on their shoulder," Diamond says. "That's right! Silk exclaims. Diamond continues. "You see, they don't have any comeback for the truth that you're spilling because then they talk about your skin, they talk about your hair, they talk about your skin color. Let me tell you something: that's the chip on their shoulder. I don't have to be what they want me to be. I can be what God created us to be. He created this boldness in us." 

America has surely taken notice of them and their powerful message. 

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