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'I'm Gonna Live Again After I Die': Jimmy Carter Out of Brain Surgery, Holding Fast to Faith


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Former President Jimmy Carter is back in the hospital recovering from brain surgery that took place Tuesday morning. 
The procedure will help reduce pressure caused by bleeding in his head after a pair of recent falls. 

The 95-year-old has recently spoken out about nearing the end of his life, saying a bout with cancer a few years ago shaped the perspective he holds today.

"I assumed naturally that I was going to die very quickly. I said a prayer about it; I didn't ask God to let me live... and I found that I was absolutely and completely at ease with death," Carter said.

Carter is the nation's oldest-ever ex-president. Despite his age and health troubles, he still loves teaching the Bible at the Sunday school at his home church, Maranatha Baptist Church in southwest Georgia.

Speaking at that Sunday school last week, President Carter said the promise of eternity with God is a reason for that ease. 

"So I'm gonna live again after I die. I don't know what form I'll take, and I think I have confidence that there is a God and He is all-powerful, that He keeps his promises and His promise is life after death," he said.

President Carter will remain in the hospital for observation following Tuesday's surgery. His family is thanking everyone for the well-wishes and prayers they have received.

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