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'I Feel So Grateful': Woman Gives Birth to Baby in Sheetz Parking Lot with Help from Off-Duty Nurse


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A woman gave birth to a baby girl in the parking lot of a Sheetz gas station in Forest, Virginia, Wednesday evening.

When Cassidy Thornhill and her boyfriend, Justin Mcfall, left his house, they thought they had time to make it to the hospital, which was nearly an hour away in Lynchburg. Their little baby, though, couldn’t wait.

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Thornhill, 25, told WSET-TV she almost gave birth as Mcfall was driving. So they called 911, spoke with a first responder, and decided to meet EMTs at a nearby Sheetz gas station.

“I was just worried, making sure she was alright,” the boyfriend recalled. “I mean, that was my number one concern, was just making sure she was alright.”

It appears God had a plan all along. It just so happened that in the parking spot right next to Mcfall and Thornhill was an off-duty nurse who immediately jumped to help the expectant mother.

“I felt like I was going to die, to be honest with you,” Thornhill said. “I was very scared for the baby, too. I tried to keep her in as long as possible. But, she decided she wanted to go ahead and come out.”

While Mcfall was helping as best he could, the nurse’s decision to help out changed everything.

“She was a nurse, so that made me feel a little bit better,” Thornhill said. “She was just very supportive and helped to walk me through it. She was the one that actually pulled [the baby] out.”

Soon enough, Thornhill and Mcfall welcomed their newborn daughter, Jemma Marie, into the world.

The nurse, who declined to be interviewed, stayed around until the EMTs arrived at the gas station. Although she didn’t speak to the press, she did credit “God’s perfect timing” and added, “The momma was the one who did an amazing job.”

Looking back, Thornhill says she is “so grateful” for the kind-hearted nurse’s help.

“I will say that I feel great, too,” she added. “I mean, I feel 100% — I’m not hurting at all.”

Little Jemma Marie is also doing well.

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