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How the Joshua Project Is Using the Old Testament to Unite a Divided America


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A new digital platform called The Joshua Project hopes to help restore America with a focus on the Hebrew Bible, or what Christians call the Old Testament. It's bringing together evangelical Christians, Catholics and Jews to help overcome the many fractures that divide us.

"This is the Bible that played a major role in the birth of America; it inspired the Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers. It is our founding moral document no less than the Constitution is our founding political document, and we are excited to bring it to Americans young and old in a way that is relevant for them today," said Rabbi Dr. Ari Lamm, founder of The Joshua Project.

The platform will fully launch in late December with an array of content including videos, podcasts and more.

"We know that the Bible continues to transform the daily lives of many Americans; six out of ten say that being engaged with it has greatly improved their relationships and the way they treat others," said Lamm. "Yet, the number of Americans who use the Bible is decreasing by double digits. That is why we are launching The Joshua Project: when people are engaged with the Bible, good things happen."

For more about the project, CBN News spoke with Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, an acclaimed author and professor of English and Christianity and culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She will be featured on the platform with a discussion about how to remake our culture and our politics. Watch that full video ABOVE.   
And you can find more about the new platform by signing up here.

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