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Good News Bible Clubs Thrive as After School Satan Clubs Decline


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As after school clubs named for Satan are closing down, clubs that teach kids about God are on the rise.

Good News Clubs, sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship, plan to increase the number of clubs they have in public schools across the country. 

"We're looking to start about 4,500 Good News Clubs in public schools across the country," Rachel Hamel, Corporate Communications Manager for Child Evangelism Fellowship, told CBN News.

Over 180,000 children will be enrolled in the clubs that include Bible stories, songs, and games.

The increase comes at the same time that a so-called After School Satan Club at Point Defiance Elementary in Tacoma, Washington recently shut down.

The Seattle Satanic Temple, which first offered the club in December, reportedly ended the club after receiving just one member.

Similar After School Satan Clubs have been popping up in schools across the nation in opposition to Good News Clubs.

Earlier this year, thousands of shocked parents rallied against Satan clubs, supporting a petition by Concerned Catholics and America Needs Fatima.

More than 87,000 people signed the petition urging school authorities not to allow the After School Satan Clubs.

Hamel said recent news about After School Satan Clubs has been good business for Good News Clubs.

"Because they have targeted the same schools we're in, it has not affected us negatively. If anything, the press has helped us."

The Good News Clubs make a clear presentation of the Gospel to children, especially those who don't attend church.

In a video on its Facebook page, CEF highlights the testimony of a  7-year-old girl named Olivia. 

"Good News Club is really fun and you get to learn about God," the girl says. 

Denise Cox, Children's Ministry Director of a Good News Club called, "Grace Kids," explained that Olivia, like a lot of other kids come to the clubs with a limited knowledge of the Bible.

"I didn't know that God, that Jesus was God's son. I thought they were split," shared Olivia.

"It's been so incredible to see how Olivia and other children are coming alive when they hear the truth from God's word. It is powerful and it's changing their hearts and lives," says Cox.  

Olivia happily discussed what she is learning in the Good News Club.

"Jesus he came down here and took away all the sins so he died for us so he can take away all the sins; the badness, the bad stuff that we had."  

Hamel said the reputation of the Good News Clubs has led to open doors in many public schools.

"Good News Clubs are a real positive experience for schools because test scores often go up and referrals go down. Many times we are contacted by school districts saying we want to invite you in because you help with behavior problems," she explained.

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