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'God Is Gonna Use Her': Meet the Incredible McDonald's Worker on Mission From God to Pray With and Inspire Customers


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A Mississippi McDonald’s worker inspires customers and her community daily by sharing her faith — and prayer — with those who visit her restaurant.

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Brenda Wilson’s story emerged after a photo of her impromptu prayer with a customer gained traction on social media. Now, she’s explaining why she takes the time to pray with those she encounters.

“Because all things are possible through Jesus Christ. If I didn’t have God, ain’t no way these folks are going to stand here and let me pray through the drive-thru and hold up their times,” Wilson told WLOX-TV. “We have times that we have to go through, but he allows me 15 seconds with each one that I pray with. It’s like, when they leave and have tears in their eyes, I know God touched your heart.”

She said she feels led by God to offer these prayers — and others agree.

A customer named Dylan Brooke shared a Facebook message last month detailing a recent interaction with Wilson, and it inspired thousands.

“She stopped me while I was going to get my drink and told me God told her she needed to pray for me right then and there,” Brooke wrote. “I’ve been silently struggling with a few things lately and having a hard time figuring it all out.”

Brooke said Wilson “got on her knees” and prayed over her struggles — issues she knew nothing about but was somehow still able to offer comfort. The customer said she “left in tears.”

“She hit every spot. Word for word, every issue. She knew,” Brooke wrote. “God works in mysterious ways.”

Wilson told WLOX-TV, that while she now inspires others, her own life experience came with severe challenges. As a child, she was abused and faced difficulties that caused her to wonder, early on, if there even was a God.

But Wilson believes she was chosen to share her story and now inspires others to turn to the Lord.

“He chose me when I was seven to give my testimony from when I [overdosed] when I was three and half years old,” she told WLOX-TV. “The last thing I remember the doctor saying, and I’m only three, but I can tell you word for word what that man said. He said, ‘God is gonna use her. She’s gonna be special.'”

Wilson continued, “So, I’m laying there like, man, I’m not fixing to be special for God. He let my mom abuse me. He allowed certain things to happen where I didn’t believe there was a God because I’m a little bitty child, and so much has happened to me.”

She at first resisted God’s calling on her life but eventually came around.

Now, she prays before every shift, uttering the words of , which reads, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all My ways and He shall direct my path.”

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that make the most difference. Wilson’s kind and compassionate act of praying for those she encounters is inspiring and changes one heart at a time. Bravo!

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