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Franklin Graham's Prayer March & Jonathan Cahn's 'The Return' Aim to Keep USA From 'Point of No Return'


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Has America moved so far from God, it's passed the point of no return? Religious believers gathering on the National Mall and around the nation September 26th are pleading with God that it not be so. At two huge events – Washington Prayer March 2020 and a solemn assembly called The Return – they'll be praying America be given more time.
Evangelist Franklin Graham and prophetic writer Jonathan Cahn both say God led them separately to call for these huge assemblies on the National Mall September 26th.
"God is Converging Everything"
Cahn doesn't think it's just a coincidence. He told CBN News, "God is converging everything. That's how important this day is." 
In a promotional video for The Return, Cahn pointed out the significance of this time, saying, "This will take place not only 40 days before the presidential election but also on the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower, in the days of America's founding and dedication to God."
He insists the country has to get back to that dedication…or else.
America: Dividing & Disintegrating?
"I believe that America is heading to calamity if it continues on its course, and I believe we have the warning signs all around us," Cahn argued. "We could have [a] total economic collapse. We're already seeing the beginning of it. We could have the dividing of America, the breakdown, the disintegration of America."
He added, "It would also mean persecution for the people of God. It could also mean the end of religious freedom."
Meanwhile, Franklin Graham told CBN News, "We're coming to pray. And I'm just asking people to join me."
Franklin Graham says The Return and the noontime prayer march he's leading the same day are a good start to get America out of trouble and back to God.
Fill This City with Prayer
Looking across the nation's capital, he said, "Let's fill this city with people who are willing to pray for this country, to pray for the president, to pray for all of our leaders, Democrat and Republican."
The Return will go from 9 am to 9 pm a couple of blocks from the Washington Monument towards the Capitol building. Then over by the Lincoln Memorial, around noon the Washington Prayer March 2020 will begin, stopping for targeted, focused prayer at famous Washington sites on or near the National Mall.
In his promo for the prayer march, Graham said, "As I stand in this nation's capital, this country is in trouble. The only hope for America is God."
He continued, "Prayer is our most important weapon. It allows us to go directly to the King of Kings, directly to stand before the throne of grace and make our petitions known directly to God."
'The Return' landed on the Day Called 'Shuvah,' Which Happens to Mean 'The Return'
Cahn said of September 26th and the National Mall, "There is something that is very big and spiritual focused on that day and that place."
In fact, though Cahn says God told him months ago to have this sacred assembly called The Return September 26th, Cahn just found out it's the Sabbath day called "Shuvah" on the sacred Hebrew calendar.
"'Shuvah' in Hebrew means The Return," Cahn said. "And it's the day set in the Bible's calendar for Return, and specifically for the Return of a nation, back to God for repentance."

CBN News will simulcast The Return on the CBN News Channel on Friday evening and Saturday morning, September 25 and 26.

Cahn emphasized, "It can't just be prayer. It's got to be repentance."

The Harbinger II author also didn't know the pre-set scripture for synagogues nationwide to read that day are these special words in Joel 2 that Cahn shared with CBN News, stating, "It says 'And consecrate a fast and consecrate a solemn assembly to repent before the Lord.' We had no idea. So this is clearly…this is not our thing. This is God's thing."

Forget Being Politically Correct
It's a time to repent and return, but Graham also says it's time to be bold.
"Let's don't try to be politically correct," he urged. "Let's just take a stand for what we believe God wants us to do. And let's don't be afraid. And we need to speak out in this country." 

Graham pointed out a hundred years ago, pastors and their churches were political leaders in their communities across America. He says it's time for God's people to return to such a position of crucial influence in the land. 

"I'm just encouraging churches and pastors to speak up and be the leaders in your community that you need to be," the evangelist said.

Each location visited during the prayer march will have a particular prayer focus. At the Lincoln Memorial – that focus will be repentance and healing of America. (Click HERE to view a map of the march route.)
At the World War Two Memorial, it'll be prayers for the military, police, and peace in the land.
Prayers at the Washington Monument will be for families and salvation and against abortion.
Then the marchers will turn from the towering Monument toward the White House to lift up the president and America's leaders. 
At the nearby National Museum of African-American History & Culture, the focus will be on national reconciliation.
Next, they'll wheel toward the National Archives where the Constitution is enshrined to pray for religious freedom and churches. 
Finally, facing the Capitol building, the marchers will lift up Congress and the Supreme Court, as well as leaders and judges across the land.

"The only hope for this country is God," Graham summed up. "Donald Trump can't turn it around. Joe Biden isn't going to turn it around. Only God can do this. And we need God's help."

Even if the Coronavirus Has You Concerned, You Can Still Take Part
Cahn stated those gathering will be practicing all the safety protocols to keep the coronavirus at bay. But if worries about that or other reasons keep you from DC, Cahn said you can still participate.
"Calling everybody who can come, come; but we're also going to be streaming it all over," Cahn shared. "So no matter where you are…if you can't come… in your homes, with your families, in your churches, you can have your own event; it doesn't matter. It's a national day of prayer and repentance before the Lord for our own sins and then to intercede for America. And God will hear our prayer."
"God doesn't want to judge. He doesn't. He's long-suffering. Look at all we've done and what we do in His face. Look at the millions that have been killed, the unborn children who've been killed," The Harbinger II author pointed out. "God doesn't want to, but He has to deal with evil. But His heart is for salvation. His heart is that none should perish. God is calling to America: 'America, return to Me and I will return to you.' I believe that's the heart of God."

Cahn concluded, "The movement and chance we have before us now may never come again. If we don't return now, we may pass the point of no return."

CBN News will simulcast The Return on the CBN News Channel on Friday evening and Saturday morning, September 25 and 26.

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