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Franklin Graham Talks to CBN News About Saturday's Prayer March, the Election and the Supreme Court Battle

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Evangelist Franklin Graham is preparing for Saturday's Washington Prayer March 2020 and inviting everyone who's available to come and join him. 

The march will begin at noon at the Lincoln Memorial and will stop for targeted, focused prayer at famous Washington sites on or near the National Mall.

During an interview with CBN News' Faith Nation on Wednesday, Graham, 68, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said he wants people to come along with him to exalt the name of Jesus. 

"The Return is having an event at the same time. I called them and talked to them about a burden on my heart that we needed to have a march for prayer. They agreed and thought this is something we ought to do," the evangelist said. "And so, we are going to start at the Lincoln Memorial and go all the way down to the Capitol. I'm asking people to join me and let's exalt the name of Jesus Christ. Let's call upon the name of Almighty God. Repent of our sins and ask God to heal our land. And that he would work in the hearts of our politicians."

"We see that as a nation we have turned our back on God," Graham noted. "We've taken God out of school. We've taken him out of government. We've taken him out of public life. And we need to put God back in these areas. We need God's help. Only God can heal our land and bring us together. And so, this is a march to show unity, but more importantly, to lock arms and for all of us to pray by marching. We're all doing this together. It's not that I am more important than somebody else, I'm not. Our prayers are equal before God. We're just going to go and pray and ask for God's help."

The evangelist also pointed to just how divided America is today.

"And we see where we are morally, spiritually, politically. We're in trouble. We're in trouble economically. We're in trouble at every level and we need God's help," he explained. 

Graham believes the church needs to call upon the name of God and ask for Him to move in this country. 

"I believe if the church will call upon the name of God, and ask for his help in this election, I believe God can, no question, can change his mind. No question, I think God can delay, I think the judgment that's going to come to this country someday.  And the reason I say that is because just take abortion. The murder of children in a mother's womb. For what we are doing as a country, just that alone is a greater sin than what happened during the Holocaust in the Second World War," he explained. 

"And so, we need to repent of our sins and turn from those sins, and hopefully this next Supreme Court justice, there might just be a case where they can overturn Roe v. Wade that brought abortion into this country. And I think that's what this election is all about, it's about the Supreme Court," Graham told CBN News. 

When asked about President Trump's decision to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, the evangelist said there's going to be strong opposition to whomever the President chooses. 

"I know it's a very tough decision for him," Graham said. "Regardless of who he picks there's going to be strong opposition, especially if it's a conservative. And if it's a God-fearing conservative, that's even more so. We know it's going to come. There's going to be a war against whomever this nominee is. And I think we need to pray for the President and this lady, whoever she is, that God would just watch over and protect her and her family and that this confirmation won't drag out. But it can be something that can be remedied pretty quickly."

In his promo for the prayer march, Graham said, "As I stand in this nation's capital, this country is in trouble. The only hope for America is God."

He continued, "Prayer is our most important weapon. It allows us to go directly to the King of Kings, directly to stand before the throne of grace and make our petitions known directly to God."

Watch the Prayer March 2020 video promo below.

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