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'Enemy Was Using a Vessel:' Pastor Who Had Gun Pointed at His Head Talks Spiritual Warfare

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Millions have watched the video of an armed man approaching Pastor Glenn Germany at his Jesus' Dwelling Place Church near Pittsburgh on May 5th and pull the trigger. 

During an appearance on CBN's The Prayerlink, Pastor Germany shared about that moment and the growing need to protect houses of worship physically and spiritually.

"I truly believe that it's more than just an act of violence," Germany said. 

He went on to explain, "[The] only thing I see is the barrel of the gun. And at that point I just, natural instincts kicked in. Cover up, duck, run, and try to get out of the line of the gunfire."

Miraculously when the man pulled the trigger, the gun jammed.

Germany said he did not realize that was what happened in that moment. 

"I was just trying to get out of the way," Germany explained.  "We had to pull out the videotape and listen and relook at it because I was mic'd up during the time and the two mics where I preach were on too and so at that time it picked it up and it went click. click."

Deacon Clarence MacAllister jumped into action and helped tackle the shooter.

"I just jumped over a little banister we have there," MacAllister said. I grabbed him and kept his arms down to his side so he wouldn't be able to maneuver the gun at all. I mean, turned him around and sat him down."

All say it was God's protection at work.

"That was nothing but an act of God," said Germany adding, "That gun was working thirty minutes before he came to our facility. He had already killed somebody."

As a pastor for nearly thirty years, Germany said he has now witnessed God's faithfulness on a level he never imagined.

"God had promised that he'll be protecting hedge of violence. He had promised to set ministering angels about us, and so the enemy tried to attack, but at the same token, God blocked it."

While many connect mental illness with the gun debate Pastor Germany admits that spiritual forces were also at work. He pointed out that the suspect revealed voices urged him to kill the pastor.

'I believe that the enemy was using a vessel because that's what the enemy has to use," Germany said. "They operate on the natural even though they're spiritual. So, he needed a vessel in the natural to carry out his will and someone who doesn't understand the ways of God or who hasn't been free from sin, who has no power over voices as we do as believers. He just submitted to the voice that he heard."

Threats against houses of worship are not new. 

According to the Family Research Council, shootings at churches more than doubled from 2022 to 2023. 

Since the attack, Pastor Germany has put new security measures in place at his church.

"We're working with a group out of Florida. They're really doing a fantastic job and they are really taking the first initiative in helping us solve this problem," said Germany. "You want people to be able to come in, and relax, but you want someone there in place because of the simple fact that this could happen at any time and you just want people to feel safe."

That includes watching and praying.

"You really have to be focused on the people that enter your church, especially if you don't know him," said MacAllister. 

Meanwhile, Bernard Polite has been charged with criminal homicide for the earlier shooting death of his cousin. While Polite also faces charges in the church incident, Pastor Germany has extended forgiveness toward the man.

"There is no sin beyond God's redemption. It doesn't matter what someone did, it can always be forgiven," said Germany.


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