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Christian Club Impact: 'Drugs Drop, Grades Go Up'


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Every week, thousands of California high school students attend Christian clubs where they learn about the Bible and how to follow Christ in their everyday lives.

Some find help to overcome addictions, while others receive healing of scars left by abuse and growing up in fatherless homes.

The ministry behind all this is One Voice Student Missions, founded by Brian Barcelona.

Barcelona said school administrators and teachers have seen a drastic difference the clubs are making.

"I've had, in the past, principals …that were maybe Buddhist, one was Muslim (tell me), 'Keep doing what you're doing, because whatever you're preaching, students are changing, drugs are dropping," he told CBN News.

"In one school we were in, the grades were going up, the SATs," he continued. "So you can see when there's drastic shifts -- when gangs aren't fighting, when kids aren't tagging up the school, when drugs are dropping -- it kind of eases more of the pushback to say, 'Well something is positive coming out of this thing, so we'll continue to let it go.'"

*Barcelona talks to CBN's Efrem Graham how schools are seeing drug use going down, grades going up, and gang members coming to Christ. Click play for more.

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