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Arson, Vandalism at 3 D.C. Churches; Pastor Points to Pro-Abortion Movement

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Two churches in the Washington D.C. area were set on fire, and another was heavily vandalized over the weekend.

Police say the neighboring churches targeted by vandals are connected to one another but they're unwilling to draw any conclusions. 

Faith leaders, though, say they're "very disturbed" and worry expressions of hate could linger alongside the national abortion debate. 

"There were small attempts to burn some of the pews," said Patricia Zapor, director of Media Relations for the Archdiocese of Washington. "Some books were shredded, and the stations of the cross were removed from the wall." 

Investigators say the work of arsonists at North Bethesda United Methodist Church and St. Jane Frances De Chantal Parish forced Sunday worshippers to attend mass at an alternate location. 

Rev. Samuel Giese with St. Jane Frances drew a direct correlation to what caused the situation. 

"We believe this is because of the church's stance on the issue of life, when it begins and when it should be protected," said Giese. "And this is one of the manifestations of the deep divisions now in our country." 

Just down the road, headstones and broken wood were found scattered outside the historic cemetery at Wildwood Baptist Church. 

All three crimes happened along Old Georgetown Road in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

"We are a community of faith," said Zapor. "And we are deeply committed to resilience and recovery. This is a classic example of being tested by fire. And the St. Jane Parish community will rise and will come through this in fine form."

The violent acts were carried out after President Biden issued an executive order on Friday safeguarding access to the abortion pill and protecting women who travel to other states for abortions.

There's also a social media group called, "ShutDownDC" willing to pay a bounty to followers for a "confirmed sighting" of conservative Supreme Court Justices. 

While the White House condemns violence and threatening protests, they're encouraging pro-abortion activists to get loud.

"Yes, keep protesting," declared Biden. "Keep making your point, it's critically important." 

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