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Anti- Semitism on College Campuses "Surging", Congress Studies


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Members of the House Judiciary Committee are looking into the increase of anti- Semitism on America’s college campuses.

Witnesses told members the “world’s oldest hate” is surging on college campuses across the country from members of the so- called alt right to Islamic terrorists.

“The harassment includes physical and verbal assaults, destruction of property, bullying and intimidation, denigration, discrimination and suppression of speech and often takes place regardless of the victim’s personal feelings on Israel,” testified Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center.

“A debate is ongoing regarding whether anti-Semitism on college campuses warrants a unique response compared to how harassment based on race or sex, for example, is addressed,” Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican from Virginia, told the committee.

Rabbi Cooper and others are asking Congress to adopt the State Department’s definition of anti- Semitism.

“In particular, it identifies as anti-Semitic any expression that draws upon classic anti-Semitic symbols and images to characterize Israel or Israelis, or that denies Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and the Jewish people’s right to self-determination,” Cooper said.

Chairman Goodlatte touted America's strong relationship with the Jewish state of Israel.

“It took just 11 minutes for the United States to recognize Israel after it formally declared independence in 1948, and ever since then the United States and Israel have had a strong relationship based on shared democratic values and common security interests.  I will do everything I can to ensure that relationship remains strong,” Rep. Goodlatte continued.

He says he’s also concerned about the BDS or the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement by the Palestinian- led movement against Israel.




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