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Activist Mommy Calls Out Facebook for Double Standard after Receiving Death Threat

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A conservative Christian blogger known as the Activist Mommy is calling out Facebook after the social media site said a group that threatened to burn her alive doesn't violate its community standards.   

Elizabeth Johnston is the Activist Mommy and her conservative videos on subjects like marriage, sex, and abortion usually go viral.

She recently voiced concerns to Facebook administrators about a private Facebook group that was titled, "I will find Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive," according to The Christian Post.

Facebook said they looked into the claim but didn't see a problem.

"We looked over the group you reported, and though it doesn't go against one of our specific community standards, we understand that the group or something shared in may still be offensive to you and others," Facebook wrote back to Johnston.

Johnston posted Facebook's response to her social media page and addressed what she believes to be a possible double standard. 

"I wonder what would happen if someone created a group on Facebook titled, "I Will Find Gays and Burn Them Alive." Do you think that would go against Facebook's community standards," she asked. "Just sayin."

Last year, Johnston's Facebook page was suspended because of a post citing scriptures on homosexuality. Facebook deemed that as a violation of community standards. Facebook later apologized and restored her page. 

Johnston told The Christian Post that she reached out by email to Facebook about their initial response. 

However, Facebook insisted that the group doesn't violate community standards because they changed their name to "May God make the Activist Mommy spontaneously combust," added that the page was "satire," and noted in their bio that "I don't really want someone to burn her alive. I don't want to. I don't want followers to do so, just don't do it. I don't condone it."

"With a death threat, you never know 100 percent if someone is going to follow through on their threat. But it is the job of Facebook to take all targeted death threats seriously. That is their job," Johnston said. "For them to say that because now that the page has edited itself to claim that it is satire that they are not going to take the death threats seriously, just shows that we are all defenseless on Facebook's platform, especially public figures."

This is not the first time Johnston has received death threats. 

"That is the thing that is even more dangerous about this is that it is a private group that is inciting violence against me. So I can't be there to see what it is," she said. "It is not like a public page where what they say about me I can see it. But I can't see what is going on inside of here. Last week, I got two very targeted death threat emails. I don't get those on a weekly basis. I get very hateful mail, but I don't get threats of, 'I know where you live.' Last week, I got two that were so frightening that I called the police and I filed a report."

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