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WATCH: Trump Legal Team Shows Video of Suitcases of Ballots in GA Election Hearing

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President Trump's legal team including Rudy Giuliani presented election concerns to the Georgia Senate Thursday.

During the firsthand testimony from election observers, a video was played that created quite a stir on social media. It purportedly shows poll workers telling observers to leave the room late at night, then pulling out suitcases full of ballots from hidden locations to continue counting.

Trump attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted: "The VIDEO EVIDENCE being shown in the Georgia Senate Hearing is SHOCKING. Room cleared at 10:30pm. 4 people stay behind. Thousands of ballots pulled from under a table in suitcases and scanned. FRAUD!!!"

Rep. Jody Hice also tweeted his shock about the video: "Caught on candid camera... Fulton County supervisors in Georgia tell poll workers, press and observers to leave the room... And then pull out SUITCASES of ballots. Say it with me... F R A U D. WHERE IS THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE?”

If you missed Thursday's testimony and statements, you can scroll back through the link below. The opening statement includes a litany of thousands of suspicious voters, including dead voters and people who illegally voted in multiple states.

The full presentation of the surveillance video that shows secret suitcases of ballots begins at 12:35 into the hearing: 

WATCH: Trump legal team presents case at Georgia Senate hearing on Thursday

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