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The Truth About 'People of Praise' and 'Handmaids' that the Media Doesn't Want You to Know


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The media in general seems bent on making “People of Praise” sound like a secretive, dangerous, woman-oppressing culture poised to have its patriarchal values entrenched on the Supreme Court in the form of Amy Coney Barrett, implying that we all should be very, very scared.

But is it true? Aside from the obvious fact that Barrett rising to the position of Supreme Court Justice of the United States contradicts the narrative of an oppressed, submissive, passive, feeble woman — the facts currently available fall short of such characterizations.

Activists opposed to the confirmation of President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, are dressed as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale," even though Barrett's faith community has nothing to do with that disturbing work of fiction. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Breathless claims of the group being extremely ‘secretive’ also fall flat when considering it only took one email to the organization to get a response. We spoke with Premier Christian News reporter Will Maule (formerly of Faithwire) about his recent lengthy conversation and with leaders from People of Praise and subsequent report.

"They're just a group of Christians. They're a group of charismatic Catholic Christians - they would be quite conservative. But the whole idea that they inspired 'The Handmaid's Tale' is complete nonsense. It's got no basis whatsoever," Maule told Faithwire in a recent interview.

"It has absolutely no connotation with the term handmaid as used in the novel and more lately in the TV series. It's actually a term of honor. It's a term to describe women leaders - leaders in the group. And it's also a reference to how Mary, the mother of Jesus, described herself," he continued.

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