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Texas Law Shields Unborn from Dismemberment Abortion


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking a huge step to protect the unborn.

On June 8, he signed a law that prohibits the intentional dismemberment of an unborn child during an abortion.

The law says, “a person may not intentionally perform a dismemberment abortion” unless it’s necessary in a medical emergency.

Texas Right to Life applauded the law, calling it a “a monumental step in protecting the most vulnerable among us and advancing Pro-Life legislation in our state and across the country.”

However, not all celebrate the Abbott’s action.

“It is disgusting and shameful that Gov. Abbott is wasting taxpayer dollars to force through even more regulations on our reproductive freedoms, especially after signing such a harmful bill in SB 8,” said Heather Busby, Executive Director of Pro-Choice Texas.

Other abortion techniques, such as suctioning, do result in dismemberment, but are not banned under the new law.

However, SB 8 will stop practitioners from using techniques which intentionally tear apart an unborn baby’s body. Until now, such methods have been carried out, usually with forceps or some other device.

Alabama passed a similar law last year. It reads “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it shall be unlawful for any individual to purposely perform or attempt to perform a dismemberment abortion and thereby kill an unborn child unless necessary to prevent serious health risk to the unborn child's mother.”

Texas has now become the 8th state to pass an anti-dismemberment law, according to the Christian Post.

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