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Shouts and Shocks: Don't Celebrate Yet, Experts Warn of Possible Surprises for Judge Amy


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Some are already shouting and celebrating that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is about to become Justice Barrett.  Among them is the conservative Penny Nance, head of the Concerned Women for America.

“There’s a seat at the table for conservative women that honestly has been denied to us before,” Nance told CBN News.  “We are an under-represented group in politics, in government and certainly on the Supreme Court.”  

Crushing an Old Stereotype

Nance suspects Barrett will quickly become a role model for conservative-leaning young ladies, saying, “She is the person they will be looking to.  And what’s so beautiful about that is she’s refused to buy into the old stereotype that you have to choose somehow between having a loving family, having even a large family and having a career.  She’s doing both beautifully.   And we’re honored to just watch this unfold in front of us, this moment in history.”

But Professor John Shu, who worked both Bush administration, is warning to watch out.

Just When You Thought It Was Over, the Shock Can Come

“If you think back to Justice Thomas and his confirmation hearing and Justice Kavanaugh, they went through their actual hearings just fine. They got through their questioning just fine,” Shu pointed out. “It’s after the formal hearings were concluded when the surprise, the bombs were dropped, the false accusations. That all happened after the hearings were concluded.”

And Shu’s sorry Barrett and her family have had to go through what the judge herself called an “excruciating” confirmation process.

He stated, “I really empathize with her and I empathize with her family and I admire them for sitting through just endless hours of pain.”  

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