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Inside the IG Report: FBI Field Agents, NYPD 'Real American Heroes'


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What does former Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg think the IG report reveals about the FBI? Watch his On The Homefront interview with Gary Lane to find out. 

Many conservatives are disappointed no big "smoking gun" has been revealed in the Department of Justice Inspector General's report, but a former Trump campaign adviser says some critical and significant facts have come to light.  

Sam Nunberg, who testified last March before the Mueller grand jury, said it's obvious some of the "real American heroes" at the FBI were not in leadership positions but were agents in the field who pressured bureau and DOJ officials in Washington to do the right thing.

He said Assistant Deputy FBI Director Petr Strzok initially did nothing in the fall of 2016 when he received former Congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop—a computer that contained thousands of emails, including some that were classified and sent by Hillary Clinton. 

Nunberg said Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report showed that he had "a major problem with Peter Strzok taking his time on the Anthony Weiner computer which contained Huma Abedine's classified emails."

The IG found that Strzok demonstrated bias against Donald Trump and suggested that perhaps the investigation of the laptop's contents was delayed in order to help Clinton's election chances, however, it's public revelation may have actually done the opposite.

Nunberg said he found that ironic.

"The irony is that because Strzok did not do anything about that computer that the FBI had as early as September, or could have had – and I believe that local FBI field officials and the NYPD forced Strzok, McCabe, Comey and Strzok's girlfriend Lisa Page to take action. And the irony is it did effect the election," he insisted.

Nunberg said despite the Russia investigation and negative media reports, his former boss has finally hit his stride as president. 

"I always thought it was going to be difficult for him to go from the 26th floor of the Trump Tower and not realize frankly that he's not the boss. And he's got to act differently in some ways."

Nunberg believes ultimately this mid-term is a referendum on Donald Trump and if Democrats retake a majority in the House of Representatives, impeachment proceedings will ensue in January 2019.

"I think everything will work out, but we'll see."

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