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Grover Norquist: Time for U.S. to Play Catch up on Tax Reform


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WASHINGTON – With new details on a possible tax reform bill expected next week, Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, said he’s hopeful it will include some drastic measures, like cutting the federal corporate business rate from 35 to 15 percent. 

In an interview with CBN’s Jenna Browder, Norquist said the U.S. is 30 to 40 years behind other countries. 

“The European average tax on companies is 23 percent,” he said. “We’re at 35 percent federal, plus an average of about 5 percent at the state level. So, 40 percent roughly against 23.”

He believes now is the time to act. 

“It takes a Republican House, a Republican Senate and a Republican president,” he explained, “If the Democrats take the House or the Senate, then the window closes on a Trump presidency to be able to cut taxes.” 

President Donald Trump knows this and is working to make it happen. 

Appearing this week on CBN's Faith Nation, White House budget director Mick Mulvaney said tax reform is “still the president’s top priority.”

The White House and GOP congressional leaders are expected to release the details of the new bill sometime next week. They plan to include it in the new budget for the upcoming year.

By doing it this way, under budget rules, they’ll only need 51 votes to pass it in the Senate instead of the normal 60 required for standalone bills. 

And Norquist said it could be the Republican’s ticket to keeping control in Washington. 

“The tax cut gets you re-elected. The tax cut holds the House and the Senate because the tax cut creates jobs and fulfills the promise that Trump would turn the country around.”

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