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Could California's Controversial AB2943 Preventing Sex Orientation Change Efforts be in Trouble Thanks to the Supreme Court?


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The LGBT community in California is fighting hard to pass a measure that bans licensed counselors from practicing what was once known as "conversion therapy."

If passed, AB2943 will criminalize "sexual orientation change efforts" (SOCE) by making it illegal to distribute resources, sell books, offer counseling services, or direct someone to a biblically-based model for getting help with gender confusion and homosexuality.

The bill's supporters believe it will protect the LGBT community.

But Randy Thomasson, President of, says the recent United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of pro-life pregnancy centers could stop AB2943.

"The U.S. Supreme Court's big decision recognizing the First Amendment right of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to not be forced to promote values that they oppose has set a key precedent for the protected speech of other organizations and business owners with moral values," Thomasson said in a press release.

The pro-family legal organization Liberty Counsel noted regarding the June 26 opinion in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, "This case will also have an impact on laws that seek to ban counsel for unwanted same-sex attractions, behavior, or identity (SOCE). The opinion explicitly adopts the arguments Liberty Counsel has made all along in SOCE cases, which is that "professional speech" cannot be exempted as some "new category of speech."

While optimistic, Thomasson is cautious about whether California lawmakers will pass the measure in light of this week's Supreme Court ruling.

"The critical thinking about the Supreme Court ruling recognizing the First Amendment right of professional speech is above the Democrat politicians' pay grade," said Thomasson.  "They don't want to think about it and, if they happen to do so, they won't care. The Democrat politicians in California are legendary at passing unconstitutional "LGBT" laws, which trample free speech, religious freedom, parental rights, ownership rights, property rights, physicians' rights, and more."

"I fully expect the Democrat politicians to indeed support the unnatural, unhealthy, unbiblical, tyrannical homosexual-bisexual-transsexual agenda. You see, if they vote for this, they satisfy their "LGBT" groups, no matter whether their unconstitutional bill is struck down or upheld three years later once lawsuits reach the U.S. Supreme Court," Thomasson said.

He explained what's next regarding the bill which has been temporarily delayed

"I believe the author is considering an amendment to exclude churches from AB 2943's reach, but still ban counseling for anyone who wants out of homosexuality or transsexuality," said Thomasson.  "Such an amendment would make this evil bill all the more easier for Democrat Governor Jerry Brown to sign. And, given the June 26 decision of NIFLA v. Becerra, the eight homosexual authors of AB2943 may now also want to take some time to see if they can tweak their bill to give it a better chance if sued in federal court.

Meanwhile, Thomasson is hopeful, with the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, that another conservative on the bench would be a big win for conservative causes, such as defeating AB2943

"If President Trump is consistent and nominates another originalist in the mold of Neil Gorsuch, we will see many more victories for religious freedom in America," said Thomasson.


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