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When a Favorite Christmas Activity Almost Cost One Group of Believers Their Life


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Radical Hindus launched two violent attacks against Christians in the last week for celebrating Christmas.

According to International Christian Concern (ICC), Hindu radicals attacked 30 Christians in Sarangi Village for singing Christmas carols in a private home last week. 

The radicals broke into a home where they had gathered, dragged the Christians into the street, and beat them.

The mob accused the Christians of trying to convert people to Christianity -- an activity that is frowned upon in the increasingly Hindu nationalistic country. 

The recent attacks have sparked fear in the hearts of local Christians. 

"Because of fear of attacks from the radical Hindu groups, the Christians of this area are scared and cannot celebrate Christianity freely," a local pastor from the village told ICC. 

Just days before, several Christians were hospitalized following a similar attack. 

Twenty Christians from Tikiriya Village were brutally beaten with clubs by another group of Hindu nationalists. 

"I have no enemies. I was being beaten because of my Christian faith," Fr. Stephen Rawat told Asia News. 

Five Christians had to be hospitalized for serious injuries.

"The season of Advent and the month of December have become very difficult for the Christian community for several years," Dr. John Dayal, a human rights activist told ICC. "Community prayers, carolers, prayer groups, and decorations at small churches have become special targets because of their visibility and the number of people collected for worship."

He also says the rise of attacks stems from a nationalistic Hindu ideology that has little tolerence for Christianity. 

"Militant and aggressive elements of various Hindu groups seem to be waiting just for the Christmas season," he said. "These viscous attacks on Christians celebrating the Christmas holiday are totally unacceptable."

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