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'This Is What We Pray For': Christian Influencers Rejoice Over Kanye's Radical Transformation


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Kanye West's gospel album "Jesus is King" is hitting number one across the major music genres, with each song landing in Billboard's Hot 100.  Kanye has rocked the entertainment world by openly sharing his radical faith transformation and helping to lead thousands to Christ in the process. 

"Kanye West works for God," the superstar recently told CBS' Late Late Show host James Corden. 

The star rapper says it was Christians in his life who never stopped praying that made all the difference.

"There's a lot of people that were praying for me," says Kanye. "When I was all the way gone, when I was at the awards show with a Hennessey bottle running on stage, when I was doing creative direction for certain awards shows, it was people in my family that were praying for me."

Kanye admits to dealing with addictions like sex and pornography and believes sharing these life struggles makes him more relatable to non-believers exploring faith.  
"God always had a plan for me and he always wanted to use me but I think he wanted me to suffer more and wanted people to see my suffering and my pain and put stigmas on me and have me go through all the experiences, human experiences, so now when I talk about how Jesus saved me, more people can relate to that experience," Kanye continued.

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He's even encouraged those working on his album to refrain from things like premarital sex and join him in fasting and praying.  
"His calling is to evangelize the world, so he has some great people speaking into his life, but he needs more so we need to pray for him," prophetic minister Shawn Bolz tells CBN News.

Bolz recently attended one of Kanye's Sunday Services and says it's important to remember the music star is a relatively new convert, so Christians should give him time as he publicly goes through this process. 

"There were probably about 2,000 people who came to Christ just at Kanye's Sunday Service while we were there, who raised their hands for salvation," recalls Bolz. "There's people in mass, there's so many churches in LA that are popping into the entertainment culture to believe for God's dream for what he wants to do, so I think that we're about to see a tipping point, and where popular culture goes, all culture goes, so God is at the head of this thing and I'm excited."

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Korie Robertson of the Duck Dynasty family took her family to a Sunday Service in Baton Rouge. 

"It was a straight-up worship experience and we loved it," Robertson tells CBN News.  

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Adding she believes Christians should be the first ones celebrating what's happening. 

"This is exactly what we hope for," continued Robertson. "This is what we pray for – for Jesus to come into someone's life and have an absolute 100-degree life change. We've seen it in our own lives, we've seen it in our family members' lives, and to see it in a life of someone who has a big platform like Kanye I think is really powerful."

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Christian rapper Lecrae tells CBN News he believes Kanye is sincere.

"At this juncture and time, I believe he is compelled to tell people about Jesus. I believe he is compelled to say I found a new faith and I am serious about it," said Lecrae.

In addition to those coming to the Lord at his concerts, Faithwire reports Google is seeing a spike in searches for scripture passages and biblical phrases found in Kanye's lyrics. 

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