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What Does the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Mean for Israel and the Middle East?


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The consequences of a hasty withdrawal. Now that U.S. troops are out of Afghanistan, what does the future hold for Israel and the Middle East?

In this week's episode of The Global Lane, Israel's representative to the United Nations Ambassador Danny Danon says Israel is strong when the United States is strong.

"When the perception is the U.S. is getting weaker, we are weaker," he said. "Those pictures that we saw coming from Kabul is actually giving more strength to the radicals in Lebanon, to the radicals in Gaza, and to the radicals in Tehran. "And I think the question is whether the new administration will now continue to negotiate with Tehran and will try to reenter the agreement with Iran all over again."

When asked if Israel can depend on President Biden's word after the hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, Dannon told CBN News' Gary Lane, "We have to trust ourselves."

"We have to be the ones securing our future and our well-being," he explained. "And I think we have a reason to worry because the new administration actually acknowledged that they are willing, that they are eager to sign a deal with the administration in Tehran. I don't know why. But now, the only reason that we don't have an agreement is because the leadership in Tehran are unwilling to negotiate with the U.S. I hope it will stay in that situation because the last thing we want is another bad agreement that will allow Iran to become nuclear."

Dannon noted Israel has the ability to defend itself. 

"If we have no choice, we will do it ourselves," he told CBN News. "We did it in the past. I want to remind you when we destroyed the nuclear reactor in Iraq, the nuclear reactor in Syria. We hope it will not be the case that it will be only Israel against the radicals of Iran. But if nothing will stop them, we will be there to stop them. 

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