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Uber Driver Brings Redskins Player to Jesus


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It stopped them dead in their tracks.

As the NFL star and his friends joked and laughed about the devious plans they had for the evening, one of them turned and asked the Uber driver and asked what he did for a living.

“I’m a pastor.”

In an instant, the car became stone cold silent. Whatever their plans for the evening were – they were on the way to the bar – those three simple words reminded them that what they were planning on doing would be wrong. An affront to the God who created them, the God who loves them, and the God whose lives he holds in his hands.

The story comes from John Ware, Jr. a pastor at Lifehouse in Virginia Beach. In his off-hours he spends a little time as a driver with Uber, and apparently it’s fertile ground for meeting new people and bringing them the Gospel.

Interestingly, even though the men were clearly reminded there’s a bigger purpose for their lives, they continued on with their night. But God wasn’t done with the NFL player just yet – according to K-LOVE things didn’t get interesting until the very next day:

The surprise came the next day when the football player called Ware. He’d forgot his key in the car.

When the Redskin player came to pick up his keys, he took it as a sign that God wanted to reach him. They ended up talking about Christ and the two prayed.


The disparity level can’t be much more exaggerated than it is between an NFL player and a guy driving an Uber around for a little bit of spare change. But God is fond of using the unexpected to draw his sheep home – and what a blessing it is the player (whose name was not revealed) was receptive to this conversation.

Clearly God is working on his heart – awesome!

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