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Respected Prophetic Pastor Calls for Church to be 'Prayed Up' to See Miracles, Breakthroughs in Tough Days Ahead


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The war in Ukraine, the pandemic, shortages, and high prices have many asking what's happening in the world and how God is at work in the midst of it all. 

Pastor Joshua Giles, a respected apostolic and prophetic minister, recently told CBN's Christian World News that in addition to wars and conflict, there would also be miracles and breakthroughs for the body of Christ and that the church should stand strong in faith in prayer.

"The Lord said to me in that prophetic word that in the midst of the chaos He would still get the glory out of the situation and that we would also see a period of miracles and breakthroughs. And so He told us in that message is not to panic and to continue to pray that things would be lessened and the agenda that the enemy has would be shut down," the minister told Christian World News.

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Giles, who also serves as pastor of Kingdom Embassy International in Minneapolis, Minn., said he first shared this word with his church after spending time seeking the Lord prior to 2022. He's also shared it on his global prophetic forecast seen by thousands around the world on Facebook every week.

Going into the year 2020, Giles said the Lord told him there would be a decade of shortages and challenges. The high prices, empty shelves, and long gas lines will continue and even worsen in the days ahead, but the church should prepare and expect to see miracles of provision.

"He said to me for us to not lose hope in the midst of those things. So, we can use biblical wisdom to prepare, but at the same time to put our faith and trust in Him and know that we're going to see Him provide for us and care for every one of our needs and so that's what I'm standing on even as things continue to unfold in the world. I'm excited because I see God moving in the midst of it," he said.

Giles, who wrote the book The Rise of the Micah Prophet: A Call to Purity in Prophetic Ministry, said that while some might not be spiritually prepared for the days ahead, now is the time for God's people to begin calling upon the Lord and studying His Word, because the church will face pressure and will need His strength and presence not just to endure, but to thrive.

"I feel that there are many in the church that are not ready. I think some are being caught off guard, possibly due to prayerlessness and I believe that this is an opportunity and even a crucial time for the body of Christ to return back to Jesus Christ and to begin to seek Him more," he told Christian World News. 

"And we must be prayed up because I believe that we're going to see pressure and even in some areas we've been seeing it already where persecution is being placed on the church," Giles continued. "But, when we look in the book of Acts, we see that anytime pressure was placed on the church, they grew and expanded and multiplied and so they became victorious no matter what they saw come against them and I believe that that's the same thing we're going to see today."

"So we can prepare by making sure that we're grounded in the word of God, making sure that we're praying and staying connected to Him and that's the way that we're going to not only survive these times but thrive in the midst of them," he concluded. 

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