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'The Report Is Very Encouraging': Pastor Tim Keller Shares Cancer Update


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Renowned pastor and Christian author Tim Keller said early Friday morning God “has heard” the words of those praying for him as he battles pancreatic cancer, revealing via Twitter the treatments have been effective.

Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, said his oncologist told him this week that the scans taken Monday showed “very encouraging” results.

“There has been shrinkage of the tumors and so we are continuing the chemo in order to diminish the cancer further,” he wrote.

Keller went on to say that the ongoing cancer battle, which he first revealed in early June, has driven him and his wife, Kathy, “to seek God’s face as we never [have] before.”

“He is giving us more of his sensed presence, more freedom from our besetting sins, more dependence on his Word — things that we had sought for years, but only under these circumstances are we finding them.”

He concluded his message by asking for continued prayers for healing.

“We humbly beg that you all continue your prayers for the effectiveness of the treatment and minimal side effects to accompany it,” Keller wrote. “Your prayers and concern mean more than we can express. Thanks so much!”

Read the pastor’s full thread below:

Several fellow Christian leaders responded to Keller’s tweets Friday morning.

Christian author and teacher Trillin Newbell wrote, “Grateful for this update. Continuing to pray!” Denny Burk, a professor and pastor, added, “Praying now, brother. Thank you for sharing this update.”

James Merritt, a pastor and Christian author, responded, “Praying for your complete healing!

FAITHWIRE  PRAY: Tim Keller Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment

Prior to this current bout of cancer, Keller battled thyroid disease years ago. In 2008, he told First Things his fight then helped him to eliminate doubts he had about God. That experience inspired his book. “The Reason for God,” a primer about understanding the logic of believing in God.

“It was a wonderful experience,” Keller said of the time. “It was both an intellectual and emotional experience: You’re facing death, you’re not sure you’re going to get over the cancer. And the rigorous intellectual process of going through all the alternative explanations for how the Christian Church started. Expect the resurrection, none of them are even tenable. It was quite an experience.”

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