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Reinhard Bonnke's Legacy Crusade Rallies 1.7 Million for Christ


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Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke may have preached his last crusade in Lagos, Nigeria this month, but the effects will be felt for generations to come.

According to Christ for All Nations, more than 1.7 million people attended the five-day event, which streamed live on TBN, Daystar, and all over social media.

Day and night millions of people listened to the gospel and received miraculous healings, deliverance, and salvation.

While Bonnke preached for the last time, the ministry is far from over. He is now passing the torch to evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who has already led millions of Africans to Christ.

"In my heart I am actually thrilled to see how the ministry continues seamlessly," Bonnke said. "What I'm interested in is to get people saved and to see the power of God spread."

He also said he felt overjoyed to have been part of Africa's revival for 50 years.

"I bow to Jesus in gratitude and I say 'oh Lord, you are great.' It touches me and it lifts me up because I am hungry for more."

Kolenda has big shoes to fill, but he says it is all about bringing glory to Jesus.

"It’s not to try to be somebody else and not to be Reinhard Bonnke. Just do what God has called me to do and do it the best that I can, and so far his grace has been there in such an amazing way."

Bonnke is leaving quite the legacy on the continent of Africa, but he continues to lift Jesus high.

"When they hear my name, I trust they will think of Jesus. Him I have preached with all my might, and I will continue as He helps me. I don't want a monument. We don't build monuments; we build God's Kingdom," he said.



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