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'My Faith is Everything to Me': Singer Tori Kelly Opens Up About Loving Jesus in a Sinful Industry


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Singer Tori Kelly recently opened up about her faith in Christ and how her relationship with God keeps her grounded in an industry full of temptations.

"My faith is everything to me," she said in an interview with Life.Church's youth ministry, "Switch."

Kelly grew up in the church but she says she didn't become serious about her faith until she got older.

"You kind of get to a point where your faith really becomes your own and it's not about what your parents say or what they believe, but it's really like, 'No, this is real to me.' I've really experienced the presence of God and I know that this is my own faith," she says.

Often times Kelly must choose between tempting career opportunities and her faith in Christ.

"Music has always been a part of me and my faith has always been a part of me. So, for me it's been that daily, 'Okay let me remind myself again that Jesus is number one. Let me remind myself again what all of this is for,'" Kelly explains. "There's that conviction. Certain opportunities will come up and I'll just have to say no."

Kelly says has learned to read the Bible and pray every day.

"Even though He knows everything. He still wants to hear from us and He cares," she says.

The singer says her industry is designed to glorify celebrities, which she calls "scary."

"In my line of work it's kind of built up to be about me...which is scary. It's terrifying," Kelly explains. "That's the biggest challenge."

While Kelly has earned several awards for her music, she says it's still all about Jesus.

'I can't rely on these accomplishments, these goals, and these dreams, which are great and good things...but even good things can be idols."

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