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Kim Dolan Leto: How 'Putting God First in Our Fitness' Can Lead to Healthy Weight Loss


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Kim Dolan Leto is an author, podcaster, and fitness expert, and she loves to help Christian women get in shape by putting Jesus first in their fitness routines.

She has made it her mission to help Christians get fit by breaking the cycle of failed diets and developing a healthy body image with a Christ-centered approach. 

Leto says we need God, goals, and grace, not to try to pull off a major life transformation in our own flesh, or our own strength, but with God's help.

"How frustrating is fitness in our own flesh? Anyone who's been on a diet knows that willpower doesn't last. So putting God first in our fitness is how we trade in that frustrating flesh-project for a Spirit-led lifestyle. Connecting to God is how we get rid of all of that so we can have joy in this journey," she told CBN News.
Leto is also the author of "F.I.T. - Faith, Inspired, Transformation." She joined CBN's "The PrayerLink" this week to talk about all things fitness.

"Grace, grace, grace all over the place," she said. "You've got to think about this weight loss transformation through the eyes of Jesus. Jesus spent time with His Father, He got up early, He prayed, He ate the foods His Father made for us, God made foods. He drank water, He walked everywhere, He came to serve, He finished His race. So if we look to Jesus we can give ourselves grace when we're not quite there. We can look in the mirror and be like, you know what, we're gonna see His perfection in our reflection, not all of our failures."

Watch our FULL Prayer Link interview with Kim Dolan Let for more godly health advice and even some exercise tips you can use while working at your desk.


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