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'Jesus Poured His Love on Me': Jordin Sparks Reveals How God Changed Her from Feeling 'Like a Zombie'


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Jordin Sparks is making headlines for a recent announcement about her new marriage and news that she's expecting a baby boy in the coming months. 

But now, the singer-songwriter is going public about how Jesus changed her life and she is encouraging others to believe in his unconditional love. 

The season six American Idol winner shared her story on Kingdom Theology media's Facebook page. 

She confessed that although she grew up as a Christian, she did not live her life that way. 

"Before giving my life fully to God, my life and my heart was only half in it," she shared in the video. "I was lukewarm, which is pretty much the worst thing that you can do."

Sparks said she fully relied on her fame and musical talents as a source for her identity. 

"After a while, my behavior made me feel like a zombie and I wasn't sure of who I was," she said. "And that wasn't working for me." 

The actress said she gave her life to Jesus on Easter Sunday 2016. 

"And it wasn't until I was completely broken and torn that Jesus poured his love on me," she said. 

Sparks said she underwent a complete transformation. 

"My life has changed dramatically and though I may still struggle with many things...they are getting better," she said. "I am different in so many ways such as having a peace that I have never had before in my entire life and a joy that nobody can take away."

She is also encouraging people to fully give their lives to God. 

"I want to encourage you to trust God with your life. He's been so faithful to me and never abandoned me," she said. "I know He will do the same for you." 

"He has always been by my side and has been protecting me and guiding me every step of the way and I know that He loves me so much," she said. "And I know He loves you too."


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