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'It's a New Mission Field': Christian TV Network Pays Off Medical Bills for 2,500 Families


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The TCT Television Network, (TCT Ministries) a Christian television network, based in Marion, IL, has helped to provide relief for 2,500 families by paying off their medical debt amounting to $2.5 million.

The network says it is a new mission field for the ministry. 

TCT has formed a partnership with RIP Medical Debt, a 501(c)(3) charity that so far has abolished $584 million in medical debt for about 240,000 Americans. According to the network, eligible families were chosen randomly by RIP Medical Debt based on their debt levels. The people who benefited from TCT's debt relief effort live in 11 counties in the states of Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, and Ohio.  

"Across this country, there are people with medical debt and they simply don't have any way to pay it," TCT noted in a press release. "Most of the people are living at a poverty level or below the poverty level and the situation is serious and hopeless for some.  Struggling families, senior citizens, anyone can be affected with unforeseen illness leaving unpayable medical bills. Medical costs are astronomical and a heavy burden to bear for someone who is already sick and struggling. Yet they have the added pressures of bill collectors calling, writing, and trying to collect. TCT saw this need and began to do something about it."

Dr. Garth and Tina Coonce, the president and founders of the television network, felt the need to help. This is one of the many missions the couple support and is actively involved in. 

"Dr. Coonce heard about this particular non-profit organization and what they were doing. He contacted them and was impressed by their activities and decided this was a great need today for many less fortunate and hurting people," TCT Spokesperson Judy Church told CBN News in an email.

"TCT plans to continue to partner and pay off more debt for those in need," Church noted.

TCT is a Christian television network founded by the Coonce's in 1977. According to the network's website, they are currently airing three channels of programming and reaching an audience of more than 60 million homes through satellite, multisystem cable services, on-air broadcast, mobile applications, and the internet. 

TCT's primary purpose, as stated on the website, is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. 

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